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Daniel Quintero

Sr. Designer / Developer / Technologist


Born in NY, teenaged in CA. BFA from Syracuse University. Worked in film production in NYC on independent films and music videos. Transitioned into digital video and photo editing. Started working with web video and discovered a passion for designing and developing websites. Made my way into digital marketing and advertising. Focused on JavaScript, CSS3, and coded animation techniques. Currently interested in Mobile and Web applications and sites. Always looking for good work with good people who keep trying to make stuff better. Problem-solving is the real appeal for me, if not on the computer, in my garage restoring vintage motorcycles. What drives me: working smarter to go farther.


AARP + iRelaunch

Landing page promoting older members re-entering the workforce after an extended hiatus.


USI Attorneys Preferred

Site for Attorneys to get information about all the available types of insurance available to them.



A simple javaScript card flip memory game to reinforce the the vaiety of big life events where Met-Life can give you peace of mind.

MotoPreserve App

The App was created to be a simple, yet robust tool for ALL bike owners.


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